Using optimise (example #4)

In the following example, we optimise using a GA for gain and VSWR, but set the desired input resistance to be 12.5 Ohms and set the weighting factor for the gain to be 0.95 and VSWR 0.05. These don't need to add to one, but here the numbers indicate that 95% of the performance of the antenna is dependent on its gain, and the other 5% on the VSWR. Hence gain gets optimised as the expense of VSWR.

parrot /export/home/drkirkby/yagiuda-1.18/src % optimise -g 17 -G 0.95 -S 0.05 -Z 12.5 example1 1000
Will optimise using a genetic algorithm
Optimising for maximum possible gain.
Optimising for an input SWR as low as possible
G= 9.65dBi,FB= 12.30dB,SL= 0.00dB,SWR= 5.18,Z= 42.42-j 29.86,0.459
    1 G=10.01dBi,FB= 15.75dB,SL= 0.00dB,SWR= 3.65,Z= 28.36+j 20.77,0.558
    3 G=10.00dBi,FB= 15.24dB,SL= 0.00dB,SWR= 3.55,Z= 28.71+j 19.85,0.565
    4 G=10.09dBi,FB= 14.76dB,SL= 0.00dB,SWR= 3.50,Z= 25.36+j 20.04,0.573
    4 G= 9.55dBi,FB=  9.22dB,SL= 0.00dB,SWR= 1.60,Z= 19.63+j  1.91,0.707
    5 G=11.23dBi,FB=  8.25dB,SL= 0.00dB,SWR= 1.60,Z= 10.48+j  5.05,0.820
    9 G=10.77dBi,FB= 13.02dB,SL= 0.00dB,SWR= 1.20,Z= 13.71-j  2.02,0.852
    9 G=10.92dBi,FB=  9.49dB,SL= 0.00dB,SWR= 1.16,Z= 13.19-j  1.77,0.870
   12 G=11.02dBi,FB= 11.25dB,SL= 0.00dB,SWR= 1.13,Z= 12.78+j  1.50,0.882
   15 G=12.07dBi,FB= 11.89dB,SL= 0.00dB,SWR= 1.19,Z= 11.87+j  2.02,0.942
   19 G=12.08dBi,FB= 11.93dB,SL= 0.00dB,SWR= 1.19,Z= 11.82+j  1.95,0.943
   21 G=12.20dBi,FB= 12.55dB,SL= 0.00dB,SWR= 1.18,Z= 11.54+j  1.70,0.954
   21 G=12.03dBi,FB= 13.64dB,SL= 0.00dB,SWR= 1.11,Z= 12.79-j  1.29,0.954
   22 G=12.11dBi,FB= 12.24dB,SL= 0.00dB,SWR= 1.12,Z= 11.91+j  1.24,0.958
   23 G=12.22dBi,FB= 12.70dB,SL= 0.00dB,SWR= 1.15,Z= 11.14+j  0.88,0.960
   25 G=12.14dBi,FB= 14.04dB,SL= 0.00dB,SWR= 1.05,Z= 12.00+j  0.23,0.975
   30 G=12.08dBi,FB= 15.07dB,SL= 0.00dB,SWR= 1.02,Z= 12.69-j  0.18,0.976
   38 G=12.17dBi,FB= 14.17dB,SL= 0.00dB,SWR= 1.04,Z= 12.35+j  0.47,0.978
   42 G=12.15dBi,FB= 14.55dB,SL= 0.00dB,SWR= 1.03,Z= 12.60+j  0.31,0.979
   59 G=12.17dBi,FB= 14.23dB,SL= 0.00dB,SWR= 1.03,Z= 12.26+j  0.30,0.980
   62 G=12.15dBi,FB= 14.62dB,SL= 0.00dB,SWR= 1.01,Z= 12.51+j  0.15,0.983
   67 G=12.16dBi,FB= 14.65dB,SL= 0.00dB,SWR= 1.01,Z= 12.45-j  0.03,0.984
  103 G=12.16dBi,FB= 14.63dB,SL= 0.00dB,SWR= 1.00,Z= 12.49+j  0.05,0.985
The best design is in a file "example1.bes". You should check it thoroughly
and if its better than example1, copy example1.bes to example1
parrot /export/home/drkirkby/yagiuda-1.18/src %